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What could be better than doing what you love in a place as beautiful as Cape Cod, MA? We don't know since that is precisely what we are doing!

Paper Plane has been appointed to brand and market ART ON TWO WHEELS for the Cultural Center of Cape Cod. 

ART ON TWO WHEELS is a retrospective motorcycle exhibition of classic Harley-Davidson® and related artifacts from the private collection of David McGraw. 

Never before publicly displayed, the collection features 42 rare bikes spanning a century. Included in the collection are a 1915 K Board Tracker, 1927 Pea Shooter, 1927 Hill Climber, 1928 JDH, 1936 EL Knucklehead, 1949 Flat Tracker, 1950 Panhead, 1966 CRS Scrambler, 1967 XLRT Lance Weil, 1968 Drag Bike, 1970 XRTT750 Daytona Roadracer, and 1970 XLCH Land Speed Streamliner. 

Stay tuned for updates and pictures as we move through this project and open the exhibition in September.

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