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121 pieces, 56 artists, 25 countries. The World Takes a Breath opens April 18, 2020


Contact: Molly Demeulenaere

Paper Plane Consulting

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The World Takes A Breath

An online exhibition of artistic and creative responses to COVID-19

121 pieces, 56 artists, 25 countries. The World Takes a Breath opens April 18, 2020, to answer this question. Can anything good come out of COVID -19?

The World Takes a Breath is curated and produced by museum professionals and experiential geeks, Rob Warren and Molly Demeulenaere. The couple split their time between the US and the UK and are co-founders of the boutique museum consultancy, Paper Plane Consulting. They spend their days' fundraising for innovative projects, creating exhibitions, and designing museum collateral. Rob and Molly launched this project to highlight artists and art during the global shutdown when galleries and museums are closed to the public. They are also curious about the possible positives that can come from having the entire world focused on a singular subject. Something that has never happened in their lifetimes.

Rob Warren says, "we want to show work that shines a light on a 'better future,' and asks can this adversity somehow unite a divided world?" Demeulenaere adds, "will there be benefits from a worldwide social and industrial shut down? Will the case for global warming be more accepted after seeing the precise data around the reduction of human-generated pollution?"

Broken into four elements of the air we breathe, the galleries are nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and carbon dioxide. Within the galleries, artists are represented in fine art, sculpture, photography, poetry and prose, film, and various documentations of creative sessions while in quarantine. Many new works have been created for this exhibition, and others have been reinterpreted as the artist's consider their new normal. There will be multiple live stream events throughout the life of the exhibition, and due to the overwhelming response of interested artists and creatives, new work will be unveiled each month.

For more information or interviews, please contact Molly Demeulenaere or Rob Warren.

For artists interested in submitting work, please submit your proposal through the web portal at


A boutique museum consulting firm, founded by experiential geeks with a sense of wonder, strong business acumen, and bold creativity. Graphic Design USA recently awarded them a 2019 Graphic Design Award for the ART ON TWO WHEELS Exhibition Catalog.

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