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We are creating an online exhibition called THE WORLD TAKES A BREATH and want to bring together artistic and creative responses to our suddenly changing landscape.

Covid-19 has caused a global gasp for air. As we collectively exhale, we are grappling with the unknown realities of what will happen in the next week, month, or year. While we have become quickly familiar with the dangers, the negatives, and the problems around this global pandemic, perhaps we can also look for the positives by exploring future possibilities and capture this unfolding moment in history through art.

We want to show work that try to shine a light on a 'better future' - Can this adversity somehow unite a divided world? Are there benefits from a worldwide social and industrial shut down? Will funding for hospitals, museums, or research be easier? What can we learn from this?

Whether you’re working in film or visual arts, written word or performance, sound or music – we want to include your artistic and creative response to Covid-19.

The intent is for this to be an online-only project to help with artist's exposure at a time when all of the world's galleries are closed. This is a free community-based project without submission or inclusion fees, and we will cover any hosting costs. Depending on interest, entries, and responses, there could be future opportunities for publication and presentation.

We hope this will be a fast, emotional, and powerful response around a subject that for the first time in history the whole planet is talking about.

The provisional launch date is 15 April 2020 so please send initial expressions of interest with a brief outline of your work to us by 3 April 2020:

We’d love this to reach as many people as possible so please share this far and wide with friends, colleagues, artists, and creatives.

Stay creative, be well.

  • Paper Plane Consulting

We are thrilled to have won the 2019 Graphic Design USA award for our work designing the ART ON TWO WHEELS exhibition catalog for the Cultural Center of Cape Cod's summer exhibition. Our brief was simple; to produce a publication suitable for the first public showing of a private collection of rare Harley-Davidon motorcycles and over the four months we have worked closely with the Cultural Center team to deliver this project.

Graphic Design
ART ON TWO WHEELS Exhibition Catalog

The catalog represents only a part of the exciting work we did with the Cultural Center - to produce and implement the brand and marketing package for ART ON TWO WHEELS, of which the catalog was a part. Delivery also included creating the brand design for the exhibition, producing all print and digital ads, bespoke web and on line platforms, and overseeing copy and narrative.

Thank you to Graphic Design USA for rewarding Paper Plane's work on this exciting project, and thanks also to the Cultural Center of Cape Cod for giving us the creative freedom to deliver the work. For us at the helm of Paper Plane Consulting, it's a great way to end 2019, and we can't wait to build on this success into 2020!

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