Molly Demeulenaere


Nicknamed the "Velvet Bulldozer," I am a pacesetting, visionary leader driving organizations to a set of unified strategic goals. With eyes looking for the challenges of tomorrow, and hands ever engaged with tasks of today, I work alongside teams to accomplish what they thought was impossible.  I have a passion for raising millions of dollars for mission-driven organizations, and clients value my ability to innovate with even the tightest of budgets. I can often be found sitting in the middle of a gallery, legos in hand, plotting the next solution.

Rob Warren


Call me an experienced consultant for the exhibition world. I have twenty years of experience in design, development, production, and client management. I have worked with exhibition partners around the world, delivering high-quality visitor experiences in science centers, museums, and galleries. I am happiest working with a close team, working through a creative brief, and developing something exciting and innovative. Communication comes first; get that right, and the rest will follow.