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Are we consultants or organizational therapists? 

We have all been in an organization that decided to bring in "The Consultant." You know the ones of which we speak. They come in from the outside; they teach, they judge, they have no organizational knowledge.

Most of the time, they are brought in to solve a problem that the organization can't or doesn't want to resolve themselves. They have strong opinions and aren't afraid to share them, and their voice is often shaped by the person(s) that hired them. 

Organizations that need a consultant are looking for a service with specific deliverables and scope of work.

Maybe this is what you need? A solution in product development or streamlining supply chains.

While we have brought new products to market and managed large-scale projects, this is not where we come in now. 

We will come to you as an "Organizational Therapist," looking through the collectivity lens and working with you to sequence your problems and solve them over time.

As organizational therapists, we don't have clients; we have patients. Most of the time, our patients are facing complex human problems. Maybe it is founders' syndrome, cultural shifts after an acquisition, or CEO and board of director boundary issues.

After you decide to bring us in, we will work together until the problem is solved. We will not give you a solution, but we will ask the right questions and lead you and your team to the solution. 

Ready to open up? Your seat is reserved in first-class!

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