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Robust, data-driven, and donor-focused fundraising strategies for acquisition, stewardship, and preservation.

We bring over 20 years of progressive fundraising experience to your team, so whether a small shop with the director doing most of the asking or a multi-million dollar organization, we tackle the red-eye hours while you get a full night's sleep.


PPC's fractional C-suite executive service provides non-profit organizations the opportunity to benefit from the leadership and expertise of an experienced C-level professional without the burden or time it takes to add a permanent, full-time senior executive role.


Philanthropy is an emotional action to a genuine appeal. At Paper Plane, we work to evoke that emotional response by telling your story most compellingly. 

It isn't often that you can tap a team consisting of executives, fundraisers, and designers that will take your idea from the back of a cocktail napkin to fruitful fruition.

The materials we create together will honor your organization's legacy, highlight the impact you have, and generate support for our future.

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