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Programming groups of complementary projects together that form a seasonal, annual, or longer, series of related events. They can build new audiences, show unseen collections, address new issues, or develop your existing brand.


Programming requires a view into the future, a long look at where you might want to be in one, two, or more years. It requires a very different approach to delivering the next project. Research into new subject areas, how they sit together, to some extent, anticipating the future and applying it to your branding, funding partners, and stakeholder.


We can provide a set of research parameters, based on your programming brief, future ambitions, and speculative audience development. We will deliver a draft plan for your organization, and set out a programming direction with clear deliverables, suggested narratives, and detailed scheduling.


Through reliable combined communications, we will provide the expert resource necessary to create a robust future program.


Production is the provision of a combination of material inputs to create something for consumption or experience. Whatever you’ve decided to build needs producing.


While we drive and deliver the management and delivery of a production, we also make sure everyone on our team is experienced, excited, and part of the common goal of delivering a high-quality project that is exactly to specification.


Our experience is two-fold. We have excellent experience in managing gallery spaces and understanding how they need to be used. And we also have a great understanding of exhibit construction, collections management, visitor flow, and delivering a complete experience on time and budget.


We also take full responsibility for our carbon footprint, with the ambition to make every project we work on as close to carbon-neutral as possible by providing a comprehensive recycling service, and connecting with local environmental schemes.

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